Recognizing individual Patterns

I have had so many encounters with quite a lot of persons on several matters and I can categorically say tell you that is very necessary if you can recognize individual behavioral patterns as regards how people react to different to different things. As a matter of fact, if you really wish to avoid unnecessary dispute with people who you often come across on a periodic basis , it is mandatory that you understand their their patterns as this will not only aid you in relating with people and ultimately help you get more insights about who the person(s) really is.

Recognizing patterns is simply observing intermittent and frequent reactions and traits of different individuals. Patterns vary  from individual to individual. It is also very important when you know to recognize your own patterns as it would help you in better planning your life and setting goals which would potentially help you in achieving your goals and dreams.

Recognizing your own patterns facilitates your self-discovery process and helps you in making better informed decisions concerning anything whatsoever. Furthermore, recognizing our own patterns would help you recalibrate yourself and help you monitor your actions and reactions which ultimately helps you in managing your emotions and potentially alleviate any chances of your life running on auto pilot which is the case with majority of persons. It also helps you in providing better coaching to other people and help and also helps them avoid living their life on auto pilot.

When I was in the university, in my first year at school i barely understood my patterns and this affected me a whole lot especially when it came to the point where i had to study. My test scores dropped significantly and I could barely keep up. This compelled me to at least try to understand myself and and study my own patterns and I never regretted. Prior to then I used to be very confused if I was a night crawler or a day person. This helped me in planning my time more effectively and ultimately helped me in improving my grades.

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