The Power of Consistency

The relevance of consistency cannot be downplayed and overemphasized. From personal experience, I believe that consistency is required if you really want to achieve success and become very relevant in your career, business or any chosen field of human endeavor. Personally, I have come to understand that one of the major factors to improving consistency is to always have your goals in mind.

For instance, I set up this blog in order to put my thoughts and ideas about certain subjects to the general public and to also positively impact people via writing. many times I have felt discouraged to even write as I am currently engaged in a full time job as a Software Developer and there’s usually little or no time to write stuff coupled with creating graphics and design content for my blog posts. I am learning to really harness this power of consistency by having my goals well laid out and having them in mind and not getting discouraged by any inhibiting factors whatsoever.

One of my favorite persons , Aramide Akintimehin talks about taking consistency as the top most priority rather than the intensity which validates my point about this subject. The same principle applies to spirituality. As a matter of fact it cuts across every sphere of life. On the contrary, it is not dependent on the amount of hours you spend communing with your God on a particular day. What really aids your growth spontaneously is the consistent and daily fellowship with God.

However, it takes discipline to really keep being consistent with any endeavor as an individual. Studies have shown that it takes just 21 days to get accustomed to new habits and new ways of doing things. After which it would naturally come to you, provided you are intentional about the change.

consistency definitely pays off in the long run, especially when you are starting out on a new career path and you need to switch career path, learn
new skills and land your dream job. In all my years in existence on earth, I am yet to come across a human who made it to the top genuinely and legitimately , i repeat legitimately without harnessing the power of consistency. Potentially, It is like a catalyst for any thing. You do not have to be extremely good at that thing, just make sure you are intentional and consistent.

In the same vein, do not be swayed off by what your colleagues and your peers are doing and don’t allow the pressure get on your nerves. Have your
personal goals, a well laid road map, stay consistent and smash those goals .

Consistency is the key to excelling and succeeding on any adventure you embark upon. Most People talk about hard work, but hard work only cannot help you succeed or make significant progress. You need to combine hard work with smart work.

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