Develop Strong Interpersonal Skills

This is something that has always been on my mind to share with everyone. I am so grateful I have the opportunity to share this with you. This was something which was really a big deal for me back then as a child while i was growing up, looking at my background and the circumstances surrounding my growth as an individual. When I was very much younger, I used to be an introvert from my childhood even up till my teenage years. As a matter of fact, But now, I am an an Extroverted Introvert, if there’s anything like that.

Possessing strong interpersonal relationship skills is very crucial to success in any facet of life as it would help you in connecting more with people and will immensely impact your career and business positively. As a matter of fact, I believe possessing very strong interpersonal relationship skills is more important than possessing very strong technical skills.

Possessing great technical skills is very great but it is not enough to succeed, especially in the world of works and in the 21st century work place. Little wonder many managerial positions mostly recruit candidates based on their demonstrated soft skills such as leadership, human relations skills, excellent communication skills and lots more.

Today, it is very difficult to even get recruited in managerial positions. In this article, I would be highlighting some ways in which you can improve your interpersonal relationship and social skills.

One of the major reasons for very poor interpersonal relationship skills is the fact that some people always keep to themselves and always indoors 24/7. In a month you should go out at least once twice and meet socialize. You can also decide to attend social gatherings , seminars, symposiums, workshops where you learn new things and at the same time meet new people.

This is something which has really worked for me in recent years. I know what I have been benefiting from attending such kind of events. There are some strategies which you can adopt in order for you to develop and enhance your interpersonal relationship and social skills, some of which include:

Organize social gatherings

Organizing social gatherings is one method which has been tested and trusted to help improve one’s interpersonal and social skills. You can organize a mini birthday party on your birthday and invite your friends over to your house or any other venue where you deem fit to hold your birthday party. inviting your friends over will help you connect more with them and would ultimately help in creating very fun memories which you’d appreciate in the future.

Call More Often

You can also adopt this method. It sounds and looks weird and funny but I have discovered that calling people who you care about more often and

periodically helps you build more connection with them and potentially strengthens your cordial relationship with your friends and loved ones. You can

try this and see the impact it would have on your relationship with people .

Accept Invitation

If you are the type of person who always turns down invitations from people, I would implore you to change that narrative as it would only discourage people and your friends most importantly from honoring your invitation. For instance if you are fond of declining wedding invitations don’t be surprised if very few people turn up for yours. I am just being realistic and factual here. In the nutshell, Always try and make sure you honor invitations especially when it is within your power to honor the invitation.

Maintain Relationships

Always try to reach out to your old colleagues and friends once in a while to show that you are still interested in your relationship with them. There are a variety of ways in which you can do that. You can send them messages occasionally via social media or email. You can also schedule face-to-face meetings or better still create a online/virtual meeting or hangout. There are apps which could help with this such as zoom, google hangouts, whatsApp video calls e.t.c.

The purpose of this is to develop more connection and further strengthen your intimate relationship with them. These are things I have practiced on a regularly basis and have worked every time. I also try to send monthly greetings to everyone on my contact list and this has helped me revive some dead relationships. You can try that too, it works.

Respect people

if you want to be respected, and held in high regards you need to respect people. This is something that requires some level of humility. No matter your level, affluence or status in the society, it is wrong to look down on people especially the ones who in quote may seem not to have any potential of amounting to anything . It is a very common trait found with people. We tend to size up people based on their accomplishment , fame or popularity or even based on their financial status which is very wrong. When you respect and never look down on anybody there’s high tendency that will get some benefit from that person no mater how negligible you might think it is.

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