Manage your time and achieve more today

What is Time Management ?

Time management is simply planning how to effectively allocate time slots to a variety of of tasks and activities.
Good and effective time management allows you to not only work hard, but even smarter.

As a matter of fact, effective management enables you to work smarter not harder. So that you can achieve more in very less amount of time even when the pressure is high and your schedule is quite tight.

Failing in time management engenders more damages as your productivity level would severely drop thereby increasing stress level.

It seems like time is never enough daily to accommodate our tasks and activities. But since everyone has 24 hours to spend in a day, you begin to ask yourself why some are more productive than others. The answer is effective time management.

Achieve more in less time

It might seem counter-intuitive to dedicate a whole lot of time to learning about effective management. But once you do learn it and put it into practice you’d have zero regrets ever learning about it as there a ton of benefits you can derive from it. Some of which include:

  • Increased Productivity

  • Reduced stress

  • Greater opportunities to achieve your set goals

Lack of effective time management may also lead to some unfavorable consequences such as:

  • Greater Stress

  • Bad Professional Reputation

  • Inefficiency

As a young person when i was growing up, I had a very big challenge with managing my time effectively. I was fond of postponing tasks I was supposed

to do to later dates and it severely affected my performance and hampered my productivity which robbed me off some things I could have been able to

achieve if I properly managed my time effectively.

Effective time management is a skill which everyone who wished to be very successful should posses as it will immensely enable tracking of tasks and goals and potentially help in measuring productivity.

Brian Tracy in one of his books called “Eat the frog” , he talked about how several tasks can be broken down into chunks of tasks in order of priority and allocating time slots to each of the tasks. The following are other ways by which you can effectively manage your time:

  • List out tasks in order of priority and give them deadlines

  • Do what you have to do now and avoid procrastination

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